Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem is a guitarist and writer based in Oslo.

I play acoustic, electric and electro-acoustic guitar, but mainly focus on the classical guitar, utilizing it’s unique timbre as well as expanding it with preparations and electronics/amplification. I experiment with combinations and transitions between acoustic and electric sounds and with the physical placement of sound sources.

My main focus lies on improvisation and contemporary classical music, with emphasis on Open Form compositions. I currently work a lot with combining composition and improvisation, with the goal of creating spontaneous expressions within clear structural frameworks.

I also do a lot of collaborative work, creating interdisciplinary performances together with a vide array of artists.


“the instinct for making sounds is a survival of savagery” – Danielle Dahl (commissioned by RTB)
Intermission 6 – Morton Feldman (arranged for two guitars by RTB)
For 1, 2 or 3 people – Christian Wolff
December 1952 – Earle Brown
Falten for Electric Guitar – William Engelen
Sculptures Musicales – John Cage


As deafness increases
Trio with Inga Margrete Aas and Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø
View from nowhere
Duo with Fredrik Rasten
Duo with Jenny Berger Myhre
De(t) usynlige(s) teater(et)
Interdisciplinary artists’ collective

Improvising orchestra

+ Non-permanent ensembles and collaborations with amongst others Agnes Hvizdalek, Daniel Lercher, Danielle Dahl, Dyre Korssjøen, Niklas Adam, Rosi Rehformen, Simon Daniel Tegnander, Christian Winther, Natalie Sandtorv and Anders Vestergaard.


As deafness increases (CD/LP, Va fongool 2013)
Little Kiss Compilation (CD, Animals 2013)
Taktfrei – festival für freie musik 2011 (compilation cassette, 2011)
ÖNCZekvist Improvising Orchestra (CD, 2010)


Bachelor of Music Performance (classical guitar) – Norwegian Academy of Music/Berlin University of the Arts (finished 2012)
Master of Music in Applied Music Theory – Norwegian Academy of Music (finished 2014)


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