Rondoish – Live @ Kammerkonzert 2, 05.04.13 (Little Kiss Compilation releaseparty)

A piece vaguely inspired by the classical rondo form, a form within which a recurring main theme alternates with one or more contrasting themes. This is a live recording from the release party of the “Little Kiss Compilation”-CD put together by the artist-run label ANIMALS. Check out their webpage here.

From [current position] to [choose place]

Solo improvisation within a structural framework. The structural idea is to make new musical elements emerge out of old ones, creating a piece that is slowly developing in a linear fashion.

“the instinct for making sounds is a survival of savagery”

Piece by Danielle Dahl
Commisioned and performed by Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem.
Voice: Nikolai Fullman
Performed during the exhibition “THE SOLOMON – THE JOSEPHINE” by Petrine Lillevold Vinje

For 1, 2 or 3 People – Christian Wolff

Solo interpretation of page four from “For 1, 2 or 3 People” (published 1964) by Christian Wolff. This interpretation was first performed at Ila Fysikalske 14.08.12.

December 1952 – Earle Brown

Interpretation of Earle Browns classic Open Form composition December 1952 from Folio and 4 Systems. This interpretation was first performed at Ila Fysikalske 14.08.12.

Falten for Electric Guitar – William Engelen

First performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo 14. September 2012, as part of the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival.

Some pictures from the performance can be found here.

William Engelens webpage can be found here.



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